I often hear from past, present and future clients, “I will be calling you this Spring to list my house. We don’t want to sell during the Winter. Nobody buys during the cold-dead months of December through March, right?” My answer to that question is always, “Wrong”.

If you are ready to sell, let’s get it listed NOW.

Did you know?

1) Our DFW area housing market is still red hot. Most any residential listings under $500,000 are still selling very quickly and at top dollar. Even during the cold of Winter, demand continues to outpace the supply. NOW is the best time to list your home.

2) List now and you will have much less competition than in the Spring/Summer. Avoid the “just listed” crowd in Spring/Summer by listing now. Your home will likely be one of the best options available in your area. That means that you will see a great price with great seller friendly terms.

3) Winter buyers are serious buyers. Anyone who is looking to purchase during Winter months is very motivated. They may still be homeless and looking from when their last home sold back in the Summer months. Or, they may be arriving here on a job transfer and want to get their family out of temporary housing and into YOUR home.

So…..If you are ready, the market is ready. I am ready! Let’s talk.